Maine Products Galore

We carry a complete line of Maine made pickles and relishes.


maine made pickles, eggs, fiddleheads sausagePickles 16 oz. Jar

Fiddleheads $7.00
Regular and Hot Dilly Beans $7.00
Regular and Hot Sausage $7.00
Bread and Butter Pickles $7.00
Mustard Pickles $7.00
Dill Pickles $7.00

Zucchini Relish $7.00

Regular and Hot Pickled Eggs $6.00

Pickled Garlic (whole cloves) $8.00


maine made mustardsWe carry the fine products from Raye's Mustard Mill

Mustards 4.5 oz. Jar $4.00
Brown Ginger, Down East Schooner,
Winter Garden, Spicy Horse Radish,
Hot and Spicy and Sweet and Spicy, Maple Horseradish.
9 oz. Seadogs Beer Mustard $6.00



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